HOME: a cookbook

HOME: a cookbook

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HOME: a cookbook                                                                                                            By Loukie Werle                                                                                                        Hardback; 240 pages $39.95 (plus $9.95 postage)

  • No-fail recipes • Easy & affordable
  • Inspiring food photographs

Loukie Werle’s new book – “HOME: a cookbook” – is a celebration of ‘real’ food.


The author of best-selling cookbooks around the world and the winner of many awards for her food writing, she’s equally known for her Australian cooking classes.


In “HOME: a cookbook” Loukie continues to inspire. Her recipes are simple and reliable, some new, some time-honoured, all of them brilliant. ‘When I was wondering what to call this book, HOME seemed almost to choose itself,’ Loukie says. ‘For me, it means our house in the country, old friends and new ones, children and grandchildren. Most of all, “home” means the food I love.’


Loukie Werle has a high profile as a food writer. Former food editor of 'Australian House & Garden', 'Good Health', 'She' and 'Cosmopolitan', she has written over a dozen cookbooks and won national and international awards, including Best Reference Book in the International Cookbook Revue Awards for her book 'Ingredients' and an Australian Food Media best cookbook award for 'Real Food'.